Where is SEO Heading in 2014?

In the last few years, the scope, significance and direction of SEO has completely evolved. In the past, the Search Engine Optimization team was separate from the content team. Moreover, Search Engine Optimization experts kept on passing convoluted reports regarding keywords at the end of department meetings. These reports were not easily understood by the members of the content team. Therefore, it was necessary to bring some major changes. In this post, we’ve tried to discuss where SEO is heading in 2014.

Search Engine Optimization in 2013 

This year, Search Engine Optimization was all about keywords. In fact, many webmasters even indulged in black hat practices and stuffed content with keywords. In addition to this, anchor text was considered to be extremely important. It was expected to trick Google from footer text and take it to blog posts. Last but not least, webmasters focused on getting a lot of links. Although building backlinks are part of a good Search Engine Optimization strategy, there’s no need to discard everything else and just focus on backlinks, anchor links and so on.

Search Engine Optimization in 2014 

The scope of Search Engine Optimization has significantly increased. Therefore, there was a need to bring some drastic changes. Next year, webmasters will be more focused on integrated marketing strategies. Everything will have to be integrated to work in synchronization with each other. Some of the concepts which will be under direct scrutiny will include:

Content Creation

Most of the time, webmasters just focus on writing good blog posts which receive more likes and shares. However, content needs to be relevant, targeted and unique. Moreover, it should be attached with a Google+ authorship tag. This will help promote the writer, and not just the company. Content should also be visually appealing in the form of PDFs, videos, whitepapers and presentations.

Social Media 24/7

Unlike other platforms, you will have to spend a lot more time on social media websites. Social media is not just about creating SEO backlinks or generating posts about your business, products or services. It is about interacting with people 24/7. The best and most useful conversations on social media do not just happen during convenient hours. You need to be online 24/7 so you don’t miss any opportunity.

Building Relationships

Social media and content allow you to easily connect with your target audience and keep them engaged. However, it can be a very slow process. On the other hand, PR can be the perfect way to get recognized, expand your reach and build strong relationships. Building relationships will be the most important part of your SEO strategy.

Google Updates – Google has changed algorithms and come up with updates on a regular basis. However, updates like Hummingbird have changed the overall scenario. Such updates are about tying various entities together and bringing organic search to a whole new level. It is the perfect way to give the right signals to Google. While creating your content in 2014, you will have to focus on such updates.

To conclude, it won’t be wrong to say that SEO from Integrity Search will be all about integrated marketing strategies in 2014. Next year, webmasters will focus on coming together and creating something much bigger and better for internet users, target audience and potential consumers. Once you’re able to discover the synergy created through integrated marketing strategies, you will be able to promote your brand in a much better way.

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